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Plenitude in Mind, Body and Spirit.

Comprehensive Health Program

Retomamos la sabiduría de los Aztecas y actualizamos sus conceptos con base en las características de la vida actual, para beneficio de todas las personas que desean generar un cambio positivo en su vida. Contempla la inclusión de todas las esferas que involucran al ser humano: mente, cuerpo y espíritu.

El Programa de Salud Integral Ca Ye Cualli es único en el mundo; su propósito es sanar y desintoxicar el organismo, a la vez que estimular e incrementar los procesos de curación del cuerpo mediante la combinación de métodos naturales.

Tiene como ejes primordiales: el ayuno, la naturopatía, la alimentación y la actividad física; y como complementos indispensables que dan excelencia a los resultados: la masoterapia azteca, el temazcal y el Programa de Desarrollo Humano IC IZA.

The primary and complementary axes of the Ca Ye Cualli Health Program are combined with each other and promote health from all angles, forming it as a comprehensive health model.

The 4 main axes

The primary and complementary axes of the Ca Ye Cualli Comprehensive Health Program they combine with each other and promote health from all angles to form a comprehensive health model.

Based on the knowledge about the Food of the Aztec people, the Ca Ye Cualli Health Program takes care of the process so that the body assimilates the nutrients obtained from food and the person is able to optimally develop their vital and daily functions. It prevents, stops and reverses diseases, such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disorders, which are strongly associated with eating disorders.

Based on research on the herbalism of the Aztec culture, knowledge has been provided about more than 35,000 medicinal herbs, recovering the Mexican herbal tradition, which ranks 2nd in importance worldwide for its quantity, variety and efficacy to reverse and heal the main diseases that afflict the country and the world.

Knowledge about the Aztec Fast, -result of ten years of research- reveals that it is an extraordinary practice when carried out properly, since it is capable of purifying the body, freeing it of bacteria, toxins or cell damage, thanks to the mechanism called autophagy, which allows cells to get rid of everything that no longer serves them. Its benefits not only reach the body, but also the mind and spirit, providing clarity, productivity and peace of mind.

Physical Activity

The knowledge of the Aztecs about the functioning of the body, allows us to provide a new approach, so that Physical Activity is carried out in an ideal way (aerobic and anaerobic), in order to achieve high performance, in a short time and with great efficiency. It is ideally suited to current needs, reverses disease and helps maintain health.

3 Complementary axes

Essential accessories that give excellence to results

Aztec Massage Therapy

For millennia, the great cultures of humanity devised the first ways to heal One of these was massage, an art that for more than 3,000 years has been used for therapeutic and medicinal purposes of biological, medical, psychological, among others, and that includes a wide range of techniques that influence the body through of pressure, friction or manipulation of the skin, muscles and ligaments, to treat diseases and injuries.

Since ancient times, the custom of the Temazcal has been practiced in Mexico and in other parts of the american continent, to detoxify and heal the body. The word “Temazcal” comes from the Nahuatl language temazcalli, which literally means “steam house”.

It is an innovative program of integral human development that provides a model of balance, principles and coherence to achieve fullness in the three spheres of human experience: body, mind and spirit.

Benefits of the Ca Ye Cualli Comprehensive Health Program

The Ca Ye Cualli Comprehensive Health Program provides solutions to health and wellness problems facing contemporary society.

Consultations and treatments include:

The Ca Ye Cualli Comprehensive Health Program for:

Types of service Ca Ye Cualli


The Ca Ye Cualli Comprehensive Health Program consists of a personalized plan of treatments and activities that, according to the patient’s needs, include:

Eating plan, fasting plan, naturopathic treatment based on Mexican herbalism, physical activity counseling, Aztec massage therapy sessions,
temazcal sessions and insertion in the IC IZA Human Development Program.


Interview for diagnosis, design, explanation and monitoring of the personalized comprehensive health plan, based on the Ca Ye Cualli Comprehensive Health Program

The consultation is an interview and a dialogue between the patient and the naturopath or nutritionist, so that the latter can know the case in depth and provide the necessary advice based on the Ca Ye Cualli Comprehensive Health Program, whose purpose is that the patient strengthen or regain your health.

A diagnosis is made, based on clinical and laboratory data, to recommend the pertinent personalized treatment; assist the patient in the re-education of their habits and advise them on everything necessary to promote their health.


Diagnostico Inicial
Plan de alimentación inicial
Plan de ayuno Inicial
Plan de naturopatía Inicial
Requiere Consulta Inicial
Seguimiento del plan de alimentación
Seguimiento del plan de ayuno
Seguimiento de plan de naturopatía
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