Comprehensive Health Program - CA YE CUALLI


For millennia, the great cultures of humanity devised the first ways to heal One of these was massage, an art that for more than 3,000 years has been used for therapeutic and medicinal purposes, and includes a wide range of techniques that influence the body through pressure, friction or manipulation of the skin, muscles and ligaments, to treat diseases and injuries.

The Massotherapy, or use of different massage techniques, is considered an effective and recognized therapeutic resource and is part of complementary and comprehensive medicine. It is increasingly being offered, alongside standard treatment, for a wide range of medical conditions and conditions.

Studies on the benefits of massage show that they are an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain, and muscle tension.

In Ca Ye Cualli we use different types of massages: therapeutic (improve circulation, help regain mobility and reduce ailments), physiological (relieve fatigue), relaxing (provide comfort and regulate tension), preventive (relax tense areas that can lead to injury), reflexology (reduces pain, psychological symptoms such as stress and anxiety, as well as being low risk) and our specialty: Aztec massage .

The Aztec Massage that we provide as part of our health program Ca Ye Cualli , is a compendium of techniques adapted to our society and that come from rituals and practices used by Aztec healers and shamans to heal body, mind and spirit. ANDIt was called by the ancient Nahuas in various ways: precious movement of life, movement of the earth, movement of love, life that arises on earth. It was to provide delicate touches, like the butterfly caressing the wind; a delicate practice like her, but strong like her flight.

The Aztec massage works from an integral concept, with all its ancient tradition that combines the practice of herbal medicine, aromatherapy and massage methods to heal the balance states of the body: spiritual, physical, chemical, emotional and energetic, for a greater knowledge and integral balance of the to be human, as well as to live more consciously this path of constant growth and learning.

Each body reveals its history through postures, through muscular tensions and painful areas. Therapists of Ca Ye Cualli they train their senses (sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste, and intuition), and observe the patient to find the physical, emotional, and spirit areas that require therapy. These signs, together with the symptoms that the patient manifests, help to provide an effective treatment accompanied by various medicinal herbs and essential oils selected based on the patient’s own needs.

This massage helps us to enter into balance with all the elements of nature; It allows us to obtain from it its strength and its therapeutic effects to maintain the health of our organism.

Massage therapy, along with naturopathy, nutrition, fasting, exercise, temazcal and the Human Development Program IC IZA , is one of the seven main axes that are part of our Comprehensive Health Program Ca Ye Cualli .

Benefits of massage therapy

  • Circulatory system: increases the blood’s ability to carry oxygen. The massage helps to increase the red and white blood cells. The pressure on the veins facilitates the exit of detritus and metabolites. In fact, people with circulatory problems improve fluid retention in the legs, eliminating the sensation of heat, pain and swelling.
  • Regulate pressure arterial: massage helps to dilate blood vessels by reducing levels of cortisol and norepinephrine, substances associated with stress. This improves blood circulation, increases cellular oxygenation, and lowers blood pressure levels, thereby lowering the risk of many cardiovascular conditions.
  • Immune system: massage increases the blood’s ability to carry oxygen; reduces cortisol levels and increases the production of lymphocytes and substances known as interlukines that help fight all types of infections.
  • Detoxifies the body: The health of our body depends on the health of our cells. The cells in turn depend on an abundant flow of blood and lymph. Massage improves blood and lymph circulation, helping to bring nutrients to cells and to eliminate impurities and toxic substances.
  • Help to release endorphins , which gives the feeling of well-being; calms pain and reduces fat deposits, although as long as it is accompanied by a balanced diet and exercise.
  • Helps solve sleeping problems: raises serotonin levels, a neurotransmitter that improves mood and also relieves insomnia. Researchers indicate that this is because they promote the production of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone.
  • Nervous system: improves nutrition, and therefore the functioning and regeneration of peripheral nerves due to the greater flow of blood in them.
  • Alleviate the pain: As it is an invigorating and relaxing of the nervous system, in addition to releasing endorphins that fight pain, it anesthetizes the cutaneous nerve endings.
  • Metabolism: increases the amount of urine after massage and the elimination of sodium chloride, nitrogen and phosphorus.
  • Help the muscles stay flexible : with massages, patients with pain in the neck, shoulders and back gain strength, eliminating the tension of the affected nerves.
  • Joints: eliminates and prevents adhesions caused by liquids (generally, resulting from inflammation) that are deposited in the tissues or in the joint cavity.
  • Stimulates the organs digestion, improves lung performance and tones the skin.
  • Helps to recover from injuries, It causes chemical reactions in the muscle similar to those caused by analgesics and anti-inflammatories. It also stimulates the action of mitochondria, which accelerates tissue recovery.
  • Relieves the headache It occurs because certain muscles in the neck and back remain stiff for a long time. Massage helps relax them by increasing blood flow within the tissue. Being performed by one of our professional masseurs, this therapy is quite effective and safe.
  • Fight stress as it helps reduce the production of cortisol, the stress hormone; In addition, it controls various symptoms associated with this mental state, such as anxiety, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing or muscle tension. A relaxed body and mind make better decisions and cope with everyday situations more vigorously.
  • Improves the depressive picture: raises the levels of oxytocin and serotonin, substances related to pleasure and well-being. Balances neurotransmitters and brain chemistry, releasing emotional tension that is transformed into muscle loads or contractures in our body.
  • Improve self-esteem : Giving yourself the opportunity to receive a massage is a gesture of self-love and self-care, which additionally produces a state of well-being and pleasure due to the release of endorphins in the body.
  • Improves concentration : by promoting greater blood circulation and cellular oxygenation, the “activation” of various areas of the brain is favored.
  • Help with menstrual pain: Some research found that essential oil belly massages are more effective than some pain relievers in controlling menstrual pain, with no side effects. Massage helps to relax the tissues, which relieves uterine spasms and tension. Also, some essential oils have relaxing and analgesic properties.
  • Contributes to the treatment of Cancer: Although it would not serve to fight cancer directly, massage helps patients with this disease to have a better quality of life, because it reduces several of the symptoms or side effects of cancer therapies, such as chemo and radiation therapy. On the other hand, it is extremely effective in reducing stress.

As we can see, massage therapy is not just a pleasant way to treat yourself or pamper yourself. On the contrary, it can be a powerful tool to help the person take charge of their health and well-being, whether they have a specific health condition or are simply looking for another stress reliever and enjoying the feelings of caring, comfort. and connection that this practice generates.

If we remember that more than two thirds of diseases are related to stress, We will understand why massage therapy is so beneficial for health.