Comprehensive Health Program - CA YE CUALLI


The food plan that is part of the Comprehensive Health Program Ca Ye Cualli It is made based on scientific evidence and the strictest guidelines of contemporary nutrition.

The plan is designed in a personalized way according to the individual characteristics of the patient: age, sex, eating habits, body composition (weight, fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, visceral fat level), physical activity, condition (s ) and laboratory tests.

Based on the characteristics of the patient and the analysis of their nutritional and eating status, a plan with specific goals is developed, as well as a 7-day menu with the necessary properties and nutrients, according to their condition and habits.

It is accompanied by particular food guidance to the patient, in order to inform him of every aspect of his eating plan and how to adapt it as the days go by, until his next consultation with the nutritionist, who will take new measurements of body composition, will solve his doubts and will make the necessary adjustments according to its evolution.

Our food plan has as a relevant benefit its personalized character based on the Person Centered Approach, whose tools allow us to accompany the patient to adapt to the recommended changes.

It is important to mention that the team of the Comprehensive Health Program Ca Ye Cualli is available to answer any questions about the treatment and establish a relationship of continuous communication and trust.