Comprehensive Health Program - CA YE CUALLI


Naturopathy is a practice based on scientific evidence, which uses natural products, especially medicinal herbs, to promote the healing of the body and the restoration of health.

Naturopathy is a fundamental element of the Comprehensive Health Program Ca Ye Cualli . The treatment is recommended by an expert naturopath, who previously takes a clinical history, evaluates the laboratory studies corresponding to the patient’s clinical condition and observes their physical and particular characteristics.

The treatments, whose origin are medicinal plants, vary according to the characteristics of the product and can be prepared from teas, drops, plant extracts and tinctures, among others.

The raw material of naturopathic products Ca Ye Cualli They are safe and are obtained from different states of the Mexican Republic, taking care of their collection, the environment and sustainability. They are subject to a strict quality control procedure and comply with current health standards.

There is currently enough scientific evidence to support the benefits of naturopathy. It highlights the fact that all treatments, being recommended and supervised by naturopathic experts, do not have side effects or are in opposition to the medicines and procedures of allopathic medicine.

Naturopathy represents a fundamental part of the Comprehensive Health Program Ca Ye Cualli Since by recommending and individually supervising each patient’s regimen, it is capable of successfully treating a myriad of conditions.