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Meet our medical team in CA YE CUALLI

Israel Ugalde, M.D.

Entrepreneur and Naturopathic Physician, Founder / CEO of Plenitud Azteca.

Because of his love and passion for improving the quality of life of Mexicans, he dedicates his efforts to reintegrate the knowledge and application of healing plants to medical practice in the country, rescuing our ancient wisdom. In addition to that, it transcends its work in research and dissemination of educational and human training programs based on the roots of our own culture, as an essential way to promote fair development in our country, generating balance and increasing the well-being of each person for own benefit, their communities and the country we want to inhabit.

He created the company Plenitud Azteca that designs and disseminates human development programs, in order to improve people’s quality of life and increase the efficiency / productivity of workers and companies.

Activist and Ambassador for Peace and Human Rights . His work with prisoners, immigrants, students and people who work in health and education institutions, has impacted thousands of people, positively transforming their thinking, strengthening their identity and improving their quality of life index.

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Dr israel ugalde ca ye cualli plenitud azteca, Ca Ye Cualli – Programa de Salud Integral

Teresa Ochoa, Ph.D.

PhD in Social Anthropology, with undergraduate studies in Nutrition from the Ibero-American University and a master’s degree in Nutrition and Food for Developing Countries from the University of Montpellier, France.

An academic by profession, interested in issues related to human well-being, she also studied a master’s degree in Human Development at the Universidad Iberoamericana and a specialization in Nutrition and Community Health and Development at the International Agricultural Center in Wageningen, The Netherlands.

From a young age, her personal interest in the ancient cultures of Mexico, led her to deepen the study of the Aztec civilization, discovering on her way, an exceptional culture that was guiding her in her research in the field of health and food at side of other professionals and scholars who are part of Plenitud Azteca.

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Dra teresa ochoa, Ca Ye Cualli – Programa de Salud Integral